NW PA Pride Alliance, Inc. Board Members

Name Title Email
Alex Sphon President President@NWPAPride.org or ASphon@NWPAPride.org
Season Crannell Vice President VicePresident@NWPAPride.org or SCrannell@NWpAPride.org
Andrew Caswell Secretary Secretary@NWPAPride.org or ACaswell@NWPAPride.org
Michael Mahler Treasurer Treasurer@NWPAPride.org or MMahler@NWPAPride.org
Diana Ames   DAmes@NWPAPride.org
Anthony Gressley   AGressley@NWPAPride.org
Jodi Shay   JShay@NWPAPride.org
Kyle Hannon   KHannon@NWPAPride.org
Michael Mooney   MMooney@NWPAPride.org
Steve Wadsworth   SWadsworth@NWPAPride.org

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